11 October 2009

Off Straits: Wales – South Australia

During Novemeber and December I will be visiting Adelaide, South Australia to research and develop a future collaborative project for presentation in Wales and South Australia. During the visit I will be participating in three art events:

Off Straits – An exhibition by Veronica Calarco (printmaker/painter, Australia), Suzanne Laslett (photographer), Andrew Smith (painter, Wales) and Gareth Wyn Jones (photography, Wales). (Off Straits – Off implying away, somewhere else, distant and Strait being a connecting waterway between two areas or pools of water). This exhibition will open at 6pm Thursday 10 December 2009 at the Parks AXIS Gallery, Port Adelaide. http://www.portenf.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=1307. I am now making works on paper for this exhibition, see the next post!

Celtica Festival: Celtic Roots II - The Celtica Festival 2009 will be during 4,5 and 6 December 2009 http://www.celticafestival.com.au/. As part of the Festival Celtic Roots II
http://www.celticafestival.com.au/location.html will be presented at the Newland Gallery and Gaff Gallery in Port Adelaide with selected work from open submission, 28 November -10 December 2009 and opens on Sunday 29 November 2009. As well as exhibiting artwork, I will be leading a workshop during the festival with 5 other artists (Danica Headland: Printing without a press workshop; Andrew Smith: concept/drawing/construction workshop; Sandy Elvard: Basket Weaving; Veronica Calarco: Stretching a canvas; Veronica Calarco: Polychromatic Printing; Lucy Thorley: Introduction to Painting; Sunshine March: Clay work)

Le Chéille, a Welsh-Irish Collaborative Project - The touring Welsh/Irish collaborative printmaking exhibition, exploring themes of land, language and place with seventeen artists from Wales, Ireland and Australia in this version of the original Co. Kildare exhibition. The project is ongoing and currently organising a residency in Nant Gwtheyrn on 19th-21st October 2009 with new members from Ireland and Wales and is now entering the phase of touring South Australia. The opening of Le Chéille in Adelaide will be at The New Land Gallery, Port Adelaide on the 27 November 2009 during its substantial tour of South Australia. As well as having several pieces of work it his exhibition including one substantial work, the exhibition in Adelaide will be a very good opportunity to discuss the idea of exchange as a process and further projects with artists, curators and exhibition organisers. http://www.countryarts.org.au/catalogs/whats-on/sa/le-chéile-223665.php

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