13 January 2013

SEA Research at British Museum 1

Considering the depiction of ocean, waves and water in various creative media and periods, the British Museum led to looking at a mosaic of a sea god, from the 4th century in Gloucestershire. The acquatic scene depicts the head and upper torso of a sea god, either Oceanus or Neptune, with a staggling eard and lobster claws at each temple and a trident across one shoulder. He is surrounded by dolphins, mythical creatures and sea vegetation. Not so much depiction of waves in this but the title lingers. Whilst there I was struck also be the Tomb of Kybernis, about 480 BC where sirens, winged creatures, carry figure maybe the souls of the deceased. The same figures appear in a church in Oxfordshire, al though I can't recall the name, the figures are strikingly recognisable. From this Oceanus will be the working title for wavy banner project.

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